Hotel price comparison - About is a travel search engine that allows you to find the best deals for hotels. It also provides links for searching cars, cruises and flights from a wide variety of major travel online websites.

It is a straight forward and convenient way to compare hotel prices and view a specific hotel's availability for any range of dates chosen. The large number of major sites involved allows for a simple way to compare prices, whether you wish to
compare hotel prices or search for the most suitable to find the best deal for you.

This hotel search engine and travel offers a wide variety of services including destination guide, and help you choose the best possible provider for booking a hotel, rent a car and find a cruise or a flight. offers a free of charge, simple and effective method to find the cheapest hotels and flights using the latest hotel search engine technology. Once the visitor finds a suitable supplier, links you through to the supplier website where the final booking can be made. a car or a book a flight.

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